Parrot Drawings

Since I live with three parrots, they are a natural subject for me to draw!

I live with a Severe Macaw, A Timneh African Grey, and an Eclectus. All three of them have been subjects of mine- As have many other species of parrots!

I do mostly graphite work, but have also ventured a little into colored pencil. Some of my parrot drawings are available as prints, and I will post more information on that here soon.

Do you want a portrait done of YOUR parrot? I do 'custom' parrot drawings! All I need from you is a suitable photo to work from! My pricing will vary depending on size, detail, and a number of other factors. Contact me for details!

The following are some examples of my parrot drawing work. Click on the thumbnail for an enlargement!
Blue Throat Macaw
Miro, My Severe
Congo African Grey
Hyacinth Macaw
Hyacinth Macaws
Illgers Macaw
Buffon Macaw
Mitred Conure
Mitred Conure, Colored Pencil
Timneh Grey
Scarlet Macaw
Blue & Gold Macaw
Hahns Macaw