Classic Fiberglass Boats

The late 1950's and early 1960's were a major boom time for boating, and a transitional area that would change and shape the boating industry for the future. It marked the transition era, when wood boats lost their crown as king, to be slowly taken over by a new, miracle material, the space-age Fiber-Glass!


Fiberglass offered many advantages over wood. Strong, Rot proof, and maintenance free (just ask the manufacturers!), Fiberglass also allowed builders to build pretty much any shape they wanted- Curves, angles, you name it. It seemed that this new miracle material was absolutely perfect for boat building, and everyone seemed to want a piece of the action. Boat builders were springing up all over the place, producing a dizzying array of models in all sizes and types.

Many manufacturers tried to find something to make them stand out of the crowd, and give them a leg up in sales. Often times, this took the form of some sort of technological innovation, a flashy color, or perhaps some sort of wild, off the wall styling. This was the jet age- and many boats took their styling cues from airplanes and rockets. Others borrowed their styling from cars, sprouting fins that, much like in the auto industry, seemed to grow until they reached a point of excess. Other style items migrated over from cars as well- even tail lights, headlights, and other details.

Many of the boats that were produced during the late 1950's and early 1960's were quite stylish when they were built, but as we all know, styling trends come and go. That Pink Lake N Sea that was so glorious back in '59 was terribly outdated within only a few years. Many boats met their untimely ends due to the change in tastes- The lucky ones were parked away in the weeds to await their fates. The REALLY lucky ones were then found, some 40 or so years later, by crazy people like me who want to restore them to their former glory.

On this page, I'm going to share my collection, and the process of restoring my boats, motors, and trailers to thier original glory.